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Oracle SOA Governance 11g Implementation Officially Released!!

Yesterday, 19th of September,  Oracle SOA Governance 11g Implementation  was officially published. Buy from: Video: Other Video Interviews: Description: Lack of effective Governance is the single most common reason why organisations fail to successfully implement Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Misalignment with business strategies, poor reference architectures, low quality designs and code, lack of service reuse and visibility over service operational metrics are just a few of the many reasons why SOA implementations fail. In today’s technological landscape where the internet and I.T. can drive the success of a business, organisations must ensure that technology and business objectives are fully aligned and delivering the same goals. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style created specifically to address today’s fast p

RESTful APIs are also SOA

I’ve been reading several papers, articles and technical documents lately on this subject. And I’ve become incredibly annoyed by several authors talking about “SOA Services” vs “RESTful APIs” as if they are completely different things and in occasions that compete. The fact is that SOA is an architectural style, a paradigm, which promotes the use of software modules referred to as services that interact in order to deliver larger software solutions. That said RESTful APIs represent an important contribution to this style of architecture but conceptually speaking, solutions that implement REST APIs provide a service, they have service consumers, and the core principles on which  REST APIs services are built (i.e. statelessness, granularity, modularity, and others) and also the tools used seem pretty similar to what I would consider a SOA based solution. Moreover using the term “SOA Services” to refer to XML/SOAP web services in my opinion is wrong. Although I admit that there