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My Summary of Oracle Open World 2013

This years was not only the first time that I attend Oracle Open World, but more over the first time that I presented in this event as well.  Overall it was a fantastic experience and it was worth every minute of my time not only because of the presentations and other sessions I was able to attend, but also the people I was able to network with. Team USA Oracle won the America's Cup Overall it was a fantastic experience but also exhausting as it was literally none-stop from 7am untill 1am (if I was lucky). Amongst the many things you could do in your spare time, the thing I enjoyed doing the most was actually the Oracle demos product stands located all over the conference centres. One could just pop up, sit down with an Oracle product manager and watch an actual demo, ask questions and even play with the tool. Because the person doing the demo was actually an expert, I was able go into details of the code, try the tools and also ask detailed questions. Some of the product

Analytical Point of View on Technology Trends

A few weeks ago (just before Oracle Open World 2013) I had the pleasure to interview with Caroline de Lacvivier. Interviewing with Caroline was a fantastic experience as her questions were spot on but most of all it felt like an open conversation in a topic I am really passionate about rather than a formal interview with some reporter. After the interview I took notes of her questions and decided that I should elaborate more on my answers by creating this blog post. The original articles produced after the interview can be found in the following links: Following further elaboration on my answers: 1.             What new service/innovation is HCL Tech particularly proud of? Why? Technology is evolving at the fastest pace ever seen before. We