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Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Overview

Oracle has recently announced the release of Oracle API Platform Cloud Service . Here the official press release . This new platform -not to be confused with Oracle's previous solution, has been built almost entirely from the ground up to satisfy modern API management requirements. I have been lucky enough to be part of the beta programme and have actually been implementing the product for the last 4 months or so (but trying it for almost a year now). In this blog post I share some of the insight and experiences I've gained in the process. What is the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service? Is a 3rd generation API Platform  that delivers a 'true hybrid' model that allows for APIs to be created, deployed and managed centrally (from the Oracle Cloud) whilst API gateways (engines that run the APIs) can be deployed in any cloud (i.e. Amazon, Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Softlayer/bluemix, etc) and/or on-premises. In addition with the incorporation of Apiary into the port