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Oracle API Management Implementation 12c Book Overview

Digital transformation is at the core of every business strategy regardless of what type of business an organisation is in. Companies that embark on a on a digital transformation journey are able to create innovative and disruptive solutions that are capable of delivering a much richer, unified and personalised user experience, at a lower cost. They are able to engage the customer in a seamless fashion through many channels such as mobile apps, responsive websites and social media. Organisations that adopt innovative digital business models gain considerable competitive advantage over those that don’t. The fundamental driver for digital transformation is the ability to unlock key information assets and business functionality, which is often hidden inside an organisation’s enterprise systems and in SOA based web services which are only internally accessible. To materialise these assets, organisations need to build web based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that not only pro

Installing MAF 2.1.2 and MCS Lab Utility on Mac (OS X Yosemite 10.10.4)

During the OFM Summer Camp for Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) it was all going very smooth. In fact too good!! until I had to set up MAF 2.1.2 in JDevleoper and configure the utility provided in the lab (maf-mcs-utility- At this point nothing worked…The fact that I use Mac didn’t make things easier either as most people were on Windows and the lab sort of assumed the same….. So after at least 6 hours banging my head against the wall I finally found a solution. Word of Caution I initially tried to make this work in an existing Jdeveloper 12.1.3 soaquickstart installation. I tried to set up MAF 2.1.2 in this environment (following the docs steps) and it got to the point that I was getting all sort of weird errors (many related to MDS not loading and others around compilation). So at this point I decided to do a full clean install of everything (including Java). Below the steps: Preparation: Uninstall JDK 1.8 or JRE 1.8 (if you don’t have a JDK installed yet) b