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SOA / API Development Tools Tips

Having been delivering SOA projects for over a decade, I’ve come across many tools some of which I hate and avoid using them (unless a client demands so)  and others that have made my life easier when delivering projects. The below table is a recollection of tools I have used or come across which  I find useful and recommend SOA/API practitioners to use or at least evaluate. Enjoy :) SDLC Tool Name Description + Links Project/Scrum Management and Collaboration Jira Jira when used for scrum management is In my opinion is the the best tool I've used for managing scrums specially in an offshore / onshore distributed environment. It also has capabilities to manage GIT repositories which makes this an ideal tool for a complete cloud/based agile project with users all over the world. Agilo I used this tool some time back successfully in a large onsite SOA project and it worked very well for us. Product has come along way since then