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The Spotify's Engineering Culture. My interpretation and summary.

I've come across the so called "Spotify model" several times. Pretty much every organisation I am working with is using it one way or another either as inspiration for their target organisation or as an example of what they would like their IT culture to be like. Thanks to the brilliant 2-part video posted by  Henrik Kniberg , I was able to listen, visualise and truly digest what this engineering culture actually means from a organisational, technological and people/culture point of view. To this end, I've created the following presentation with the intention to also share my interpretation of their engineering approach. Spotify engineering culture summary from luisw19 The Spotify engineering culture empowers its people at many different levels as it provides a very good balance of freedom and structure. It’s open approach towards collaboration, respect and trust, ensures that Squads are align, share knowledge and experiences, thus avoiding common pit