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2020 State of the API Report - My Own Thoughts

This morning whilst going through my emails, noticed in my inbox an email titled T he 2020 State of the API Report Is Here . As an API author, practitioner and product owner, this immediately caught my attention and naturally went straight into reading the content of the email. And well, what I read did not disappoint. The report is the result of interviewing more than 13.5k industry professionals who are in one way or another dealing with APIs. Kudos to  Postman  and the  API Evangelist  for this remarkable contribution (and all of the effort am sure went into putting this together). Here is the link to the report: Following my own thoughts / remarks whilst literally going through the report section by section. I am sharing it in case anyone may finds it interesting. I just want to reiterate that these are my own thoughts so you may or may not agree, and that's ok! Key Findings Broadly agree with all key findings, however there was one conclus