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The Se7en Deadly Sins of API Design

During Oracle Code One 2018  (formerly Java One) I was lucky enough to deliver for the first time a funny yet insightful presentation titled " The Seven Deadly Sins of API Design " focused on API design anti-patterns and how to overcome them. I was also fortunate to have presented a similar session at Sangam 2018 in Bangalore and most recently at Devoxx UK 2019 in London. This presentation was partly inspired by Daniel Bryant  the 7 Deadly Sins of Microservices however with full focused on the topic of API design and API-led architectures, not so much on Microservices (though the too are so closely related that not talking about Microservices in some areas is impossible). But my main motivation was really around the fact that we're all sinners when it comes to making mistakes. When I first started designing REST APIs (or before that SOAP/WSDL based services), I myself made so many mistakes. However the main thing is to learn from them. And not just from our own mist