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SOA Governance FAQ

After more than decade implementing SOA, I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the reasons that prevent organisations from realising the benefits of SOA is the lack of some sort of governance in their SOA implementations. I have also come to the sad conclusion that even though this is well known fact, many (end customers and SIs alike) still lack understanding of what SOA Governance is and why is it needed. Having said that, I created this post not only for my own reference, but also share this knowledge for those wishing to improve their understanding on this amazing topic. Hopefully this FAQ provides some concise answers to many of these questions. 1. What is SOA Governance? 2. What SOA Governance isn’t? 3. Why is SOA Governance needed? 4. What are the objectives of SOA Governance? 5. What are the key components of SOA Governance? 6. What are the top challenges that prevent successful SOA Governance implementation? 7. What is the most common mistake organizations

AIA Foundation Pack Architecture Overview

The Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack (recently renamed to just Foundation Pack) at is Oracle's accelerator framework for implementing SOA-based system integrations. AIA FP and its prebuilt integrations such as PIPs were originally created to facilitate and accelerate the integration between different Oracle applications such as Siebel, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards, among others. Customers looking to simultaneously implement and integrate several Oracle applications gain huge benefits from employing PIPs, as these significantly reduce the effort and risk involved with building interfaces to support business processes. Given Oracle's aggressive and continuous growth by acquisition, AIA FP and prebuilt integrations have become fundamental to rapidly integrate newly acquired products with their existing apps portfolio. The AIA FP contains a variety of design-time and runtime artifacts that can be used when defining, designing, build