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Comparing Oracle ICS connectors with Workday, Mule, Boomi and Azure

As SaaS adoption continue to increase in organisations of any size, it's only expected that different cloud vendors will stretch their cloud capabilities to try and increase their SaaS/PaaS/IaaS footprints in a clients landscape. This is particularly true for iPaaS related capabilities, as it seems that every cloud vendor has its own related offering and they are pushing it really hard to customers even if there really isn't a one to one fit. The challenge is though, that organisations that don't carefully elaborate a cloud integration strategy and properly think this through, will almost certainly end up implementing point solutions using whichever iPaaS capability is available for the individual project.  This not only results in vendor lock-in but also increases the complexity and cost of integration. To avoid this, the first step is to of course create a carefully thought cloud integration strategy with a clear objective in mind. This should be delivering a plat