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Converting ADLs to implement end to end JSON in SOA Suite 12.2.1 -PART I

There is no doubt that web [Rest] APIs have become extremely popular and its usage has gone well beyond just building APIs in support of mobile apps. We can see the adoption of  resource-oriented architectures (ROA)  by probably all SaaS vendors who provide out-of-the-box APIs as the means to connect and interact with their cloud applications. Take for example the Oracle Cloud . To discover and consume publicly available Oracle SaaS APIs, all one need to do is browse the  Oracle API Catalog Cloud Service  (which is publicly accessible) and just select the  Swagger definition for any given API. But (as you probably already know) the adoption of web APIs hasn't stopped there.  With the increased popularity of Microservice Architectures  , initiatives such as  Open Legacy  ,  and node.js based frameworks like loopback and sails (to name a few), API-enabling system of records is becoming a lot easier. This is putting a lot of pressure in software vendors to quickly modernise