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iPaaS. What is it exactly? is it on-premise software running on IaaS?

As cloud adoption continues to rise, the so called ' second wave ' of cloud computing becomes less of a prediction and rather a reality we have to deal with. In the past 2 years or so for example, almost in every customer engagement I've had, 'the cloud' has been at the very least a topic of discussion. In most cases it has actually been within the scope of our activities. This is not surprising of course as the term 'cloud' itself can mean ten different things to ten different people. The sad part is though, that is has been years since the first wave of cloud (started by Amazon) and there's still a fair degree of confusion in the topic. In fact, I still often refer to the  NIST definition of cloud  to explain what cloud computing and PaaS actually is and how traditional on-premises middleware installed on IaaS isn't PaaS or iPaaS. This is in fact one of the main motivators of this post. iPaaS The term Integration Platform as a Service , or