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New in SOA Suite 12c and AIAFP/OER Backward Compatibility Table

Finally Oracle SOA Suite 12cR1 ( is out ( ).Having implemented all versions of SOA Suite (, I am particularly more exited about this new release as I was when its predecessors were launched. And this is because unlike the previous releases, these versions is releases in the middle of major trends such as cloud computing, mobile integration, Internet of Thins, Machine to Machine, are starting to become main-stream and I see SOA Suite 12c as a fundamental building block to supporting all of these new trends! Listing below some of the new features of Oracle SOA 12c that I am more exited about: Enhanced cloud integration with cloud adapters Improved mobile & IoT support with REST/JSON adapters (suggested article: ) Seamless OEP integration (very useful for EDA’s or Big Data integration support) New Coherence adap