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What is API Product Management?

Recently I've noticed some good discussions in the API community around what API Product Management actually is and what it entails. Of the content I've come across I can highlight  What is API Product Management by Bruno Pedro and Erik Wilde and  What API Product Managers Need by Deepa Goyal and Kin Lane.  Given that in Oracle Hospitality I am responsible for leading an entire API and Integration Product Management organisation which manages / oversees over 3k API capabilities and over 2k postman collections publicly available, naturally this topic is of huge interest to me and perhaps needless to say I have my own opinionated views on it which is why I decided to write this blog. As Erik said in his opening statement " A lot of people are talking a bout API Product Management but I still think a lot of people are not actually practicing API product management ", I think this is true in many different ways being one of the main reasons the fact that not everyone is